The short answer is YES, it does work.

Try this out for yourself – next time you check your mailbox (the one that is delivered by Canada Post) or the door-to-door weekly grocery flyers – pay attention how you sort the mail and how many seconds it takes for your to take that pizza flyer from the mailbox to the recycling box.

You might surprise yourself!

On average, we estimate each printed flyer would have an in-hand lifecycle of 15 seconds to 30 seconds (between mailbox to recycling box). Everyone of us would also quickly glance or read the flyer to determine if something they might keep, or at least to make sure no real mail is sandwiched between them. When the flyer is designed properly with attention grabbing artwork, this short preview cycle is enough to intrigue a potential customer.

For flyers delivered as part of the weekly grocery flyers, the shelve life might be even longer – door to door grocery flyers are typically delivered by Wednesday or Thursday for sales planned for the weekend and into early part of next week. The targeted audiences are likely to keep the flyer package until the weekend or until the next recycle pick up.

For each marketing campaign, you need both digital and printed ads campaign to maximize your audience reach.